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Plumbing Services


We know that in an emergency every second counts, that's why our network of skilled, professional plumbers are on call 24 hours a day to provide you the help you need, when you need it most. Our mission is to save you time and money on all of your emergency plumbing work by getting the right plumber for your job first time. Your plumber will  have experience in managing home emergencies just like yours.


Appliance installation

 From installing your new washing machine to the latest shower unit we will manage the job from start to finish.


Burst/leaking pipes

Leaking or burst pipes can cause damage to your property if not repaired quickly and correctly. We have experience is managing home emergencies just like yours


Kitchen plumbing

The most common kitchen plumbing problems include leaks under the sink, blockages and washing machine or dishwasher issues. Your Callout Hero will have faced it all before


Tap repair/ replacement

If you have a broken tap in need of replacement or simply just a faulty washer we can send a plumber over to help


Bathroom plumbing

We can help you with toilets that are leaking or won’t stop running, blocked toilets, leaking showers, broken taps and leaks from under the bath or flooring.


Immersion heaters

There are many different types of immersion heaters and we can help you get them repaired or installed ensuring your family have the hot water and central heating they need

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Common plumbing questions

What happens if you cant fix my problem because you need a part?

I cant find my stopcock, can you advise where it is likely to be?

I have an old property  with lead pipes that are leaking, do I need specific fittings?

Why wont my toilet stop running?

My toilet is blocked do I need a drainage engineer or a plumber?

Why are my radiators cold? 

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Our Prices

We work really hard to ensure our prices are clear and competitive. Use the links below to get a full overview of costs and how you can choose a payment method that is right for you.
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I need a proof of purchase

We manage jobs for tenants, landlords, business's and customer that are claiming on their insurance policy. Every job is recorded on our system and a proof of purchase is available upon request. It will be sent within 24 hours to the email address you provided at booking. 

Area’s we cover

Our engineer network covers 90% of the United Kingdom and we are growing every day. If your booking is of an urgent nature it is best to call the team on 0333 5775597 who can clarify the estimated time of arrival for your area.