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3 ways to make your booking

In an emergency every second counts, that's why we have made it simple for you to complete your booking and get your engineer on route. We will take care of the details and get a verified, local tradesman to your home emergency - fast. 


Pay by telephone
Call 0333 5775597 to complete your booking over the phone. You will need the address of the job, a description of the problem and a credit or debit card to pay your call out fee. All payments are processed securely complying with PCI DSS standards.


Pay Online
We respect our customers personal preferences, complete the form below and pay your call out fee using credit or debit card to get your engineer on route now. If you make you booking after 11pm we advise you to call us on 0333 5775597 after the booking has been made to ensure it has been received.


Pay via Bank transfer
If paying by bank transfer suits you best, no problem. Please use the account detail below to make the call out fee payment. You will then need to call us to ensure the payment has been received and provide us the details of the home emergency you need help with.


Account name: Callout Hero Ltd

Sort code: 01-04-34

Account number: 56743456


Booking form: Get your engineer on route 

Please complete all sections of this form and pay your call out fee to confirm your booking. The more information you can provide regarding your emergency the better. Please ensure you have taken the time to review our terms of service. We will also send you a confirmation text linking to our Terms of Service, 

Select time and deposit

Thanks for submitting!


Booking confirmation

You will receive a text message of confirmation summarising what you have paid so far, the first hour of labour amount due to be paid at the end of the job and a link to our terms.

Confirmation of your engineers details

Once your engineer has been allocated you will receive a second text message your Callout Hero's details and estimated time of arrival. Please reply to this text message to confirm the details are correct.


Job support from start to finish

Our team on hand to support you throughout the entire process. If you wish to make a change to your booking, have any questions, need an invoice or want to provide feedback please call us directly on 0333 5775597.